Slice of cheesecake on plate with rest of cheesecake in background

Tips To Freeze Cheesecake – What You Need To Know

Ever made a cheesecake and then wonder if you can freeze cheesecake? Well, the good news is you can! I am going to share a few tips on how to do just that.

Slice of cheesecake on plate with rest of cheesecake in background

One of the best things I love about being able to freeze cheesecake is you always have a great sweet treat on hand for any pop-over friends. Depending on how it is frozen, it can only take about 15-20 minutes to thaw! 

Plus it is a great way to make a bunch of desserts ahead of time if you are going to be having a large party or gathering.

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Why Would You Want To Freeze Cheesecake?

As I touched on above there are a few really great reasons why you would want to freeze a cheesecake.

    1. Always have a great sweet treat to serve in minutes for any pop-over friends or family. 
    2. Space out your baking and dessert making if you are getting ready for a large party or gathering. 
    3. Always have a gift to bring or give when you are invited over somewhere.
    4. Always have a comforting treat to take to any unexpected occasion.
    5. That late-night craving when you just have to have a slice of cheesecake.

But you may be saying those are great reasons to have frozen cheesecake on hand, but how do you freeze it? Well, let’s go over that question.

How To Freeze Cheesecake:

Freezing cheesecake is easier than you may think. There really is no real in-depth secret to it.

You simply make the cheesecake allow it to cool and then freeze it. 

Just be sure not to try and freeze it while the cheesecake is still warm. If you do, it will allow more ice crystals to form on the cheesecake and it will not keep as long.

Is there one way that is better than the other when it comes to freezing it? There are depending on your needs. Let’s cover those.

Freeze It Whole or Sliced?

You can freeze cheesecake both whole or sliced. Both ways have their own advantages. 

Freezing it whole makes it nice if you are bringing it to a party or giving it as a gift. That is because you can pull it out before giving it and add some great toppings to make it look pretty. 

But when it is frozen whole, it will take longer to thaw before it can be served.

However, when you freeze it already sliced it makes it handy if you just need to thaw a slice or two at a time when you have pop-over friends.

By thawing just a slice or two at a time, they will thaw much faster than when it is frozen whole. 

How To Store In The Freezer:

Whether you are storing your frozen cheesecake whole or sliced, it should always be stored in an air-tight container. You do want the container to be just large enough to fit the cheesecake. 

If the container is too large, it allows for extra air and it will allow it to get freezer burn faster than when you use a tighter fighting container. 

If storing for a long time, you should freeze first then remove and vacuum seal it while frozen. You have to do it while it is frozen because if you try to vacuum seal before frozen it will just crush the cheesecake.

After it is vacuum-sealed, pop it back in the freezer. That is how it will last the longest in the freezer. 

If storing it sliced, it is also helpful if you put a piece of wax or freezer paper between each slice. That will make it easy to take a slice or two out at a time.

How To Thaw Frozen Cheesecake:

To thaw you simply place it on the counter and allow it to thaw. The time it takes to thaw will depend on how it was frozen. 

If thawing a slice or two at a time from a presliced cheesecake it will only take 15 minutes or so to thaw out. That is if it is a normal small slice of cheesecake and not super large or thick. 

If thawing a whole cheesecake it will take 30 or more minutes at room temperature to thaw depending on the temperature of the room. 

If you know ahead of time and don’t need it to thaw fast, you can place it in the fridge overnight to thaw. 

Can All Types Of Cheesecake Be Frozen?

The simple answer is, yes! You can freeze both types of cheesecake but you do have to make a few adjustments.

When I say you have to make a few adjustments I am pretty much talking about the toppings. Not all cheesecake toppings freeze well.

So you would want to freeze cheesecake without toppings and then add those when you are ready to enjoy the cheesecake.

Some toppings are ok to freeze such as chocolate, nuts, caramel, butterscotch, whipped cream, and so on.

The ones you really want to avoid freezing are citrus slices, jellos, and puddings.

Conclusion To Freezing Cheesecake:

Yes, cheesecake can be frozen! By doing so you always have dessert on hand to enjoy or give as gifts. 

It can be frozen whole or sliced. When it is frozen sliced it makes it faster to thaw. As well as being able to just thaw a slice or two as you need. 

While all types of cheesecake can be frozen you want to be mindful of ones that have toppings such as jello or puddings as not all toppings freeze well.

It needs to be stored in an air-tight container or vacuum-sealed. If you are storing for a long time vacuum sealing works best. If vacuum sealing you do need to freeze first then vacuum seal and put it back in the freezer.

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