Collage of lots of cheesecakes with text overlay in the middle.

Instant Pot Cheesecake Recipe Roundup Of Over 25 Recipes!

If you are making an Instant Pot cheesecake recipe for the first time, you are about to find out it just may be the best and fastest way to make a cheesecake!

Collage of lots of cheesecakes with text overlay in the middle.

Instant Pot Cheesecake Recipe Roundup Of Over 25 Recipes!

If you are looking for a new Instant Pot cheesecake recipe I have roundup over twenty-five of the best recipes out there. Some are my own and some are from other amazing bloggers that really know how to come up with a great recipe.

So there should be a recipe in this list to please just about anyways taste buds. The only issue you might run into with this list is trying to figure out which one to try first.

Why Should You Make Cheesecakes This Way?

There are lots of different ways to make a cheesecake these days. However, a lot of the baked ways require a long cooking time. While there are no-bake recipes out there, to me the cooked ones just have that extra rich flavor.

So by making an Instant Pot cheesecake recipe you get the best of both worlds! You get the rich flavor of it being cooked but in a LOT less time.

Plus, in the hot months, you don’t have to worry about heating up the kitchen with the oven. Yes, the Instant Pot will put out a small amount of heat but it is only for a short amount of time. Nothing like having the oven on for over an hour.

You can make cheesecakes in any size Instant Pot (or other pressure cookers) you just need to have a cheesecake pan that will fit the size pot you have. Most of these recipes are made in the 6 quart Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Q&A Cheesecake Issues:

Q. Why is my Crust is rubbery, wet?
A. That would mean that too much water/moister got to the crust. This can be fixed/avoided a few different ways. If you made a cheesecake with the crust up the side, you may be able to simply trim off the wet/rubbery part. To avoid it to start with, make sure you have the crust down below the cheesecake batter. That way the batter seals out the water. The other thing you could do is cover the cheesecake with foil before cooking it.

Q. My cheesecake ran over the top of the cheesecake pan, what did I do wrong?
A. This could have been from a few different reasons. The first and most common is from over whipping the batter. The other big reason is when you use to shallow of a pan for the recipe. Most people will tell you just wat pan they used and it is best to use that one OR make sure you use one that is at least deep enough. My go-to pan for this that has never let me down is this push pan that fits perfectly in the 6qt Instant Pot.

Q. Can you use low-fat cream cheese?
A. When cooking a cheesecake in the Instant Pot it does not firm up/dry out as much as when baking it in the oven. So it is best to stick with regular cream cheese. However, I have done some testing and for “most” recipes, if you are really wanting to cut down the fat slightly, you can normally get away with doing half regular and half low fat.

Freezing Tips: 

Sometimes you may just get in a cheesecake making mood and want to whip up a bunch at one time. One of the best things about cheesecakes is they freeze really well.

You just need to be sure they are totally chilled before wrapping and freezing. I normally allow it to cool to room temp on the counter then pop in the fridge for at least four hours. Then wrap/package it and put it in the freezer.

I do find it best to slice it before freezing. That way you can just grab a slice or two as needed. Plus it also takes less time to thaw when it is already sliced into smaller pieces and not just one solid cheesecake.

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